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Finding a Good Wife

Finding a wife or husband is a challenge young people face today.

More challenging is the responsibility of finding a good wife or husband.

LastDaysWatch (LDW) interviewed Sola Edagbami, an IT consultant and entrepreneur. He offered insight into  what young people should do to get good wife or husband.

LDW: How long have you been married?
Sola: Ten years. I got married in 2004.

LDW: How has the experience been?

Sola: The God-factor keeps us going. Our marriage faces challenges like other contemporary families. We are stronger and closer to each other because God is at the centre of our home.

LDW: Tell us how you met your wife.

Sola: We met in Jos in 1999 during Calvary Ministries’ (CAPRO) Last Days Gathering. I was hungry after God when I left Obafemi Awolowo University. I had a passion for missions work and missionaries who left all (education; pedigree; status; the city) to the villages to preach the gospel. So, I went to CAPRO Last Day Gathering in Jos in December 1998. I was there again in December 1999. We were together during the Bible Study. As I was leaving the event in the New Year, the Holy Spirit confirmed to me she would be my wife. We became friends. Both of us started pursuing after God. We got married in 2004.

LDW: What is your advice to young people?

Sola: Your wife or husband will come to you as planned by God when you wholly devote you life to find and serve Him. Young men and women should find God’s purpose for their lives. Let them devote their time and energy to serve God, and connect to God’s redemptive plan for the humankind through our Lord Jesus Christ.

LDW: Thank you for your time.

Sola: You are welcome. 

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