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Got Your PVC? It is Your Weapon of Change

I have collected my Permanent Voter’s Card (PVC).


If you are a Nigerian who lives in Nigeria and above 18, have you? If not, go get yours. It is the best weapon of change you need now. PVC. Not guns. Not violence. Not kidnapping. Not extremism. Go get your PVC.

Over the last weekend,  a bulk SMS was delivered to my phone purportedly signed by “Asiwaju BAT” campaigning I go get my PVC. Guess you know that name. 

At the Redemption Camp, the gentleman clergy, Pastor Adeboye announced that his RCCG audience must all get their PVCs and present them in their local churches early December 2014 as evidence of collection. 

The Federal Government is encouraging all eligible Nigerians to get their PVCs.

APC and PDP have been bickering over INEC’s inability to achieve an effective distribution of PVC to registered citizens. That is understandable.

All these are indications that all stakeholders in the Nigerian project want change now. The Politicans. Religious institutions. Government.

So, Nigerians, it is time to gear up for change. 

This is not the time for apathy.  It is not the time to seat on the fence. It is not the time for doubts. It is not the time for cynicism.

Let’s have faith.

Let’s pray.

Let’s brace up for change.

There are bigger challenges ahead.

It is how to ensure that people with PVCs go out to vote. It is ensure a level playing field on the days of election. It is to guarantee the safety of the lives and votes of the electorates.  It is to count the votes and make them count.

It is to get INEC to conduct free and fair election. It is to eliminate the militarization of the electoral process. It is to eliminate the manipulations of the electioneering process.  

It is to avoid the overbearing weight of the power of incumbency to win at all cost. It is to ensure that losers don’t unleash terrors of regional and religious fundamentalism on the political landscape.

Who will help INEC? Who will redeem the politicians?  Who will deliver Nigerians?

To INEC: No story. You have a mandate to deliver a free and fair election. Deliver, you must. No excuses for failure. If Messi can’t score goals, let him quit playing football. You have been hired and are being remunerated to deliver. Don’t fail.

To the would-be politicians: Come out to campaign but make sure you make sense when you do. You want our votes, right? So convince us why we should vote for you. It is not about pasting posters. And, don’t have the motives of going for elective posts to enrich yourselves. The dynamics are changing.  We will hold you more accountable now. When you win, you must work with the money given to you. Public funds are not for self aggrandisement.  Simply put, it is no longer available for “chopping”. When you lose, try again another four years. If you plan to unleash mayhem, the long arm of the Law will catch you and we will put you away behind bars.

To Nigerians: Go get your PVCs.  Go vote. Protect your votes. After elections, engage your elected office holders. Hold them accountable for the use of public funds. Why should we generate our own electricity using generators, inverters, solar,  etc? Why should we generate our own water? Why should we provide our own private security?  Why should we grade our own roads to make them motorable?  Why should we put so many private cars on roads at the same time?  Councillors, Governors, and all functionaries of our democratic government must provide answers and solutions now. We must ask them why? We must find our voice after casting our votes.

We are ready for change. Are you?


Let’s change now. One day at a time.  It begins with you. It begins with you being armed with your PVC, the weapon of change and not any of the weapons of destruction people brandish around today. Wind of change is coming. Get ready.

Photo Credits

Register to Vote: http://www.developmentdiaries.com

Nigerian Flag: http://www.menas.co.uk

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