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The Leader Followers Can Count On

It boils down to the strength of your character.

Be the leader that your followers can count on.


Tell your followers to imitate you. Your character has to be of good standing in private and in public. Most followers only understand your nonverbal cues even when you shout at the top of your voice. That is why they say that action speaks louder than letters.

Stand up for your people. Do not be a fairweather leader. It takes compassion to stand up for your followers. They are humans. They will make genuine mistakes. They will act, at times, without wearing their thinking caps. Your first option or last resort is not to fire them. There are different correctional routes to rein an erring follower and it does not lead to dismissal. Retrain. Retool. Reassign. Redeploy. Rehabilitate. Realign. Not retrench. Not retire. It takes courage to be compassionate. It takes you to have confidence in your followers to be compassionate.

Speak up for your followers. The leader is the voice of the followers. What an onerous responsibility. You are their voice. You cannot afford to be confused. Since you are the head, there is no time to play ‘Tower of Babel’. You represent your followers. Their dreams. Their aspirations. You do not belong to yourself any more. You are a public property. You do not seek your own self interests again. You live for your people.

Communicate with your followers. They are your stakeholders. They are a part of your leadership project. You fail, they fail. You succeed. They succeed. Do not take them for granted. They will show you consideration when you communicate with them. A good leader communicates, and is like a crystal before the followers. Followers know when leaders are not sincere. Call them. Keep them informed. Their collective ideas will make you a better leader.

You think you are not a leader? Think again. Your nature privilege of hierarchical positioning is leadership. You are a leader, if you are a father. If you are a mother. If you are a first-born. If you are a pioneer in any enterprise. And on, and on, and on.

It is not enough to be a leader. Be the leader your followers can count on.

Photo Credit:

Leading the Pack – http://www.hardcorehockey.co.uk/article/news/mark-mullineux


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