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A Man and His Books

There goes a man and his books.


Better still, there goes a lady and her books.

The books you read are a telltale of your personality, character, aptitude, intelligence and success in life.

Show me a man who does not read books, and I will show you an endangered homo sapien. A slothful fellow . An illiterate.  A pauper.

A man who does not read is a threat to his own existence.

You are no wiser than the books you read. No smarter. No richer.

If you read nothing, you need to seek an urgent neurosurgeon’s attention.  

Which book are you reading this week? Let’s say, this month. Which did you read last week? Last month?

Reading is fellowshipping with the collective wisdom of humanity. You drink from the fountain of life, a privilege elixir preserved for only those who read books. Oh, see what you are missing.

Books. Journals. Magazines. Newsletters. Bulletins. Pamphlets. Tracts. Be they manual, digital or hybrid. Read everything on every subject on planet earth. If they are books published by ETs and available in human understandable languages, I will read.

Read to learn. Read to nurture your spirit and mind. Read to explore. Read to find answers. Read to be smart. Read to be wise. Read to become an expert. Read to be rich. Read to be wealthy. Read to be healthy. Read for serenity of your soul.

Read any where; any time. Read in the morning, afternoon and night. Grab a book. Grab your electronic tablet: there are tons of ebooks to choose from. Grab your smartphone. Read when you travel. Read road signs. Read signage. Read advertisement boards. Read nature. You will definitely become more serene, peaceful and in harmony with nature and life.

Our forebears were wise even before the ancient Egyptians discovered the papyrus; Bi Sheng, the movable type of AD1041; and Gutenberg, the printing press of AD1445 because they read nature.

What shall it profit the man if he gains the whole world and does not read?

Don’t be caught dead without a book in your hand. When I draw my last breathe, I want to spend my last hours after that in my library to bid my many books farewell.

Solomon was wise when he said, “of making many books there is no end.”

Start reading a book today.

Photo Credit:
Man with a Book: http://www.dreamstime.com

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  1. stephen alegbe says:

    B00ks has too many. Value in d life of d reader


  2. Shira says:

    I agree with that. In reading, you acquire knowledge. If you think education is expensive, try ignorance. Its far more costly than you can ever imagine. Knowledge is power.


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