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Rainbow of Perspectives

You feel hurt because people do not agree with your point of view!


Your sunrise is their sunset.

You are upset because she does not go along with your plans as earlier agreed.

Don’t beat yourself.

Your summertime is her wintertime.

He changes his mind suddenly and opt out of your prearranged deal.

Take it easy.

Your abundance is his drought.

You entered your boss’s office to be handed a sack letter instead of the promotion you were expecting.


Your exit is their headache.

After all,  it is not the end of the world.

We live in this beautiful planet earth with rainbow of perspectives.

You are not the emperor of the earth. So, the world does not revolve around you. People in your life will hold opinions divergent to yours. Learn to cultivate them. At best, tolerate them.

Everybody cannot sleep and position their pillows in the same direction. Even after a while, sleep patterns will vary.

The world is one large room with the people in your life taking up different positional occupancies and pursuing territorial protectionism agenda for themselves. Their positional occupancies and territorial protectionism add colour to their rainbow of perspectives. It makes the world glamorous. Imagine if we are still using black-and white TV this post-modern era of the Internet.


Your friend stands by the window of the large room. You are by the door. To your friend, everything about the large room is the window. That is his worldview. He interprets his messages from the perspective of the window and transmit same feedback to you.

Your effort to sell him the door perspective will fail because everything about the large room to him is window-view.

You have to move to his side of the room in order to reach him and communicate with him for impact and results.

That is what we call positional shift. Unless that occurs, effective communication cannot take place. You won’t be able to win others and make impact.

There is breakdown in interpersonal relationship,  family life, workplace cohesion and among nations because of plurality of perspectives and all stakeholders are interacting from their positional occupancy of the large room.

If you are going to be diligent in reaching out to people in order to achieve effective communication and influence them, you have to move to their own side of the large room without losing your identity.

This is how to add colour to your boring life of leading unwilling or influencing equally jaded but “must-be-led” people in your life. 

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