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Be a Balm to the Hurting

It takes you to make up your mind to be a balm of healing to the hurting people around you. You can do it.

We call it being your brother’s keeper.

Your brother is hurting. Your sister is hurting. Their hearts ache.


Behind the facade of well-tailored suit, shining pair of shoes and impressive make-up lie a raging turbulent ocean of inner crises threatening to tear your brother and sister apart, and mess up their lives.

When you meet such people, help them.

Do not complicate their problems with your acts of unkindness.

It begins with a smile on your face.

The hurting person says:

BE gentle with me, I am hurting.


BE nice to me, life is hard enough.

BE patient with me, I am work-in-progress.
BE ready to listen to me, I need a listening hear.

There are enough teachers around, stop teaching. Just sit still with the hurting and listen to their heartbeats.

There are enough preachers around, stop preaching and lend a helping hand.

The hurting needs love.

The hurting needs mercy.

The hurting needs compassion.

The hurting needs empathy.

The hurting needs reassurance to believe in and rediscover themselves all over again.

The hurting needs understanding.

The hurting needs restoration.

The hurting needs a shade from the hot and blazing sun of the desert.

The hurting needs a warm cover from the hash cold of the Antarctic.


The world has enough problems to go round.

Be the solution the hurting needs.

It is not my obligation.  I am not responsible for the problems of the world.” Valid.

But you are a part of the human race; you can choose to be a part of the solutions.

Changing our world and making it a better place for all begins with one person at a time.

Let it begin with you.

Photo Credits:

1. Tearful face: http://www.naijastories.com
2. Fallen umbrella: http://www.wallpaper2020.com
3. Yellow umbrella: http://www.truenorthcompanies.com

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