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Don’t Wait Until You ….

Let’s talk about your health and habits of procrastination when it comes to paying attention to your health concerns.


Some people are in the habit of neglecting to attend to their health until the inevitable happens. You suddenly realise you are ill and depend on others to rush you to the hospital.

“You look sick. Get a day off to attend to your health” advised the boss. “I can manage”, “I don’t want to seat at home” and “I will be fine” are some of the programmed responses we usually give the boss.

The society is a lot more stressful than some twenty years ago.  People face more problems that impact on their health now. It is important that you acknowledge the limit of your health capability. Do not live in self denial.

You should seek medical attention once you notice that you are not feeling alright. Don’t brush it aside. That minor pain. That insignificant skin colour change. That headache. That discomfort. That lump. That inner heat.

They could be telling you to get help.

The help you get on time may save your life. It may save you money. It may save you the agony of losses.  Preventable.

The rule of defensive driving is, “You can be late for your appointment but don’t be the late (the deceased) because of thoughtless driving.”

Equally, the rule of defensive personal health care is, “Proactively take care of your health. Don’t wait until it is too late. Don’t wait until it becomes an emergency.”

Seek medical attention on time. The hospital is a stone throw away. Your doctor is a phone call away.

Don’t self medicate. It is unreliable.

Don’t procrastinate. It is unsafe.

Don’t patronise quack. It is risky.

Don’t ignore the symptoms, they won’t go away on their own. 

Health is wealth.

Only the healthy can dream. Only the healthy can aspire. Only the healthy can plan. Sick people don’t plan. They are only preoccupied with getting well.

Don’t endanger your health. You should avoid dangerous, unhealthy and unsafe practices.

Feed well. You should avoid junky foods.

Don’t ignore your sleep. You should sleep when it is time to do so. Don’t sacrifice your sleep time to work. The money you make may not be enough to cover your health bill if you fall sick.

You are in control of your life: that includes your health.

Your overweight is not a curse. You can control it. It is about choices, habits and determination.

Set up a plan of action to begin to take proactive measures to ensure a healthy living today.

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