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The Unemployables in the Labour Market

If you look deeply, there are more unemployables than the unemployed in the labour market around us.

When you find someone without a job, punctiliously check him out to determine his status before you offer help. His status as either unemployable or unemployed will enable you determine the type and level of help you will render. If you don’t do this objective appraisal of his unemployment status you may be wasting your help. Your intervention must be intelligent and make sense to work.

The unemployed is that individual with an appreciable level of skill (arising from educational/formal/vocational/informal training) and experience (arising from years of practising his profession/trade/craft) and right mindset and attitude but still searching for jobs.

On the other hand, the unemployable has skill, experience but lack the right mindset and attitude to put his skill and experience to use in order to earn an income. It is either the salary is too small, the job location is too far or the boss is not nice. He always has excuses why he can not take up the jobs that come his way. He is waiting for the dream six figures salary job. He is averse to seeing, using and turning opportunities inside out for his own good.

Call him to do a job, the unemployable gives you a laundry list of conditions that must be met before he does the job. Oherwise, no deal. He walks away from the opportunity. The unemployables are oppotunity wasters. They fail to realise that every greatness has a starting point and this point is usually a small beginning.

The unemployable are full of excuses why they cannot do or take up a job. They are professional excuse makers. They have “designer excuses” (like a designer suit) that will put you off offering them your job.

I would rather give the unemployed my job to do than waste precious time and resources on the unemployable.

The unemployables need serious reorientation to life and work culture change before they can be productively engaged in the labour market.

The next time you meet a person without a job, check him out to see if he is unemployed or unemployable.

Hire him if he is unemployed.

Advise him to seek professional help from business coaches and psychologists if he is unemployable. This is the distinguishing help you can render to both of them.


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