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Short Term Wins and Celebrating Success

WordPress sure knows how it is done: you encourage people by acknowledging achievement milestones to keep their eyes on the ultimate goal.

WordPress acknowledged it after posting my first blog.

At the fifth post, another acknowledgement of the feat dropped in my notification box.

Then again, at the tenth.

We call it short term wins.

Of course I was elated.

Encouraged to keep blogging. It could be a programmed response but the blogger, first timer, will be impressed that the platform acknowledges the efforts.

You give someone an assignment. A boss to her subordinate. A mum to her son.

There are ten phases to accomplishment. The worker or son has done phase one. He comes to you with a feedback.

What do you do? Yell at him? Rebuke him for indolence and send him back to work? No. Don’t ever do that.

What should you do?

Take him aside. Shower him with attention. Show interest in the feedback. Acknowledge the efforts. Encourage him. A word of appreciation. A look that shows you are impressed. Then, inspire him to not relent, to push through to the end.

We call it short term wins.

Leader, do not be rash with your followers. That is why they are following you.

Being their leader is not a right but a privilege.

The day your followers know as much as you do, or perceive they know more than you, they become your equal.

They cease following you and set up their own leadership platform that attracts its own followership.

If that happens, don’t get angry.

You can only encourage them.

You don’t own their lives.

Your anger and curses are waste of your emotional bank deposits.

You lack emotional intelligence as a leader.

If you do not acknowledge short term wins of people around you, on your team, you won’t be able to build people and develop leaders around you.

You want to be leader of leaders?

Build people around you.

You want to build people around you?

Acknowledge their short term wins to celebrate their successes in the future.

The teacher’s reward is on earth.


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