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when to say “thank you”

When you blog and other bloggers in other climes across the globe, likely seniors in the trade follow you, it is time to say “thank you.”

I have had 5 seasoned bloggers follow LDW since its debut and it is a reason to acknowledge and appreciate them. Their interests. Their confidence. Their sheer unspoken desire to see LDW succeed as they have succeeded.

Success is not sudden. It is not an overnight thing. It is a long way to success. You work at it. Long hours. Sleepless nights.

Sometimes, you even suffer writer’s paralysis. The pen is willing to write, but the words are not following. But, you keep at it. You don’t give up. Then, one day, after years of persistent hardworking, you hit success. You become the centre of attention. Everybody wants to read you. Everybody wants to follow you.

But the credit goes to the first 5 bloggers who follow LDW at inception when in obscurity nobody knows you.

Thank you for following LDW.


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