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The Selflessness Agenda

It is all about me.

Yes, it is all about you.

We live our lives in a paradox.

The world is a contradiction of purpose.

It is all about you but the world does not revolve around you.

You die before you begin to live. Die to criticism. Die to hateful people. Die to distraction. You begin to be fruitful after you die.

You do not create the problems of the world but must join other change champions to become a part of the solutions.

Why live a boring life? Look around you. There are many things happening. Lots of which are not altruistic. Lots of which are wrong. What can you do to lift up somebody today?

You have to make all the money you can but must be spendthrift. Only spend on things and projects that will outlive your human existence. Why waste money on vanities when you can invest it in people’s life, arts, research in science for peace and human prosperity,  and philanthropic causes.

You have to fight but fight for love and the preservation of human dignity. Do not kill another human beings for any “God”. The Divine does not need mortals to fight their cause.

You have to be strong in this world but merciful. When you encircle your enemies, they are already defeated. You should provide a means of escape for them. Every sage and great warrior knows this maxim to be true. An enemy you provide a means of escape for will turn around to worship you.

When you learn to make a meaning out of the contradiction of purpose, your life will take a different turn. You begin to find the essence of your existence. You begin to live a purposeful life.

It is all about you.

But it is not a life of selfishness.

It is not a life of greed.

It is not a life of avarice.

It is to live in self denial.

It is to sacrifice your life for a worthy and noble cause that all humanity will continue to remember even after the sun ceases to shine.

Let’s meet in paradise to compare notes about the acts of kindness and greatness you bestowed humanity when you traveled this path of eternity.  

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  1. Philip says:

    This is an insightful and thought-provoking piece. More grace sir!


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