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Why Do Writers Write?

Writers evoke emotions: anger, and pleasures.

Maybe writers write to annoy you.

Yes, some writers really do set out to upset their readers. They do not follow conventions.

This category of writers perceive themselves as revolutionaries. They are time changers. They are nonconformists.

Nonconformist writers write ahead of their generation. They write of ideas that people find ridiculous. So you dismiss it. “It won’t work.” “This does not conform to our ways and practice.”

Alas, few years down the line the alien ideas begin to make sense and become an acceptable culture.

Lesson: don’t get angry with nonconformist writers. Listen to what they are saying and find out the sense they make out of their unpopular ideas.

The writers who write to entertain are not difficult to relate with. They amuse you. They make you happy. They make you laugh. You read some writers and burst out to laughter. Some writers bring tears to your eyes.

Love. Romance. Thrillers. Comedy. All these form the basis of entertainment in arts. Writers who specialize in entertainment use them as tools to give their readers some forms of pleasures.

Why seek harmful pleasures when you can go on a pleasure trip with writers who entertain their readers?

Treat all writers the same.

Approach their works without emotions.

Go to a writer with an open mind, do not approach a writer with a bias. The writer’s name or title could create a bias in your mind. Keep your mind free from prejudice.

You really cannot learn when you are biased. It affects your evaluation of the ideas the writer puts forward.

Ask yourself: what is this writer saying?

That question is the beginning of quest for knowledge.

In the midst of provocation and pleasures, the writers alter our worldview to stimulate responses that suggest that we align with their propositions or not.

The next time you pick up a writer or title, arm yourself with your rationality and not emotions. This way, you position yourself to learn.


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