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Entrepreneur’s Temptation to Quit: Epicurean or Evangelical Model

It was a ride from Odogunyan to Ketu and the young entrepreneur confided in me that owning and managing one’s business is tough.

His recurrent temptation is to jump the boat and pick up the next available employment offer.

Sometimes, there won’t be business opportunities for days and then the temptation surfaces. It was difficult not to resist such temptation.

At his breaking point, Providence has always intervened and a business opportunity will come countering the employment offer, with a far better return.

This young entrepreneur is still in business, working hard as ever with perseverance for the big break in his industry – motivational speaking.

The greatest temptation of amateur entrepreneurs and start-up business owners is discouragement to quit. That is the everyday temptation they are confronted with.

Some quit. Some do not.

What makes the difference is perseverance. 

That determination not to quit.

That resolve not to take up employment again even when the business opportunities are slow to come.

Ask any veteran in doing one’s own business,  and he or she will tell you that his or her recurrent temptation is the quit temptation, and he or she contended with this temptation until he mastered his/her enterprise and nurtured it to success.

The Epicurean doctrine will teach you that the best way to overcome temptation in your life is to yield to it.

In real life and business, some would-be entrepreneurs succumb to the temptation.

These are Epicurean. They become “ex” entrepreneurs.  Yielded to the quit temptation and abandoned their dream companies.

On the contrary, the Evangelical theology counseled that one should not yield to temptation because yielding is sin.

You need the Evangelical orientation to become a successful entrepreneur. You must learn to say no to the quit temptation however attractive the alternatives.

Go from today.

Resolve to be an Evangelical entrepreneur.

No retreat. No surrender.

Burn the bridges behind.

No retreat, no surrender.

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