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The Wife That Can’t Make a Cup of Coffee

He told me that his wife could not make him a cup of coffee.

As in, she does not know how.

He was not lying.

He lives in highbrow area in Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) of Nigeria, West Africa. They are both upward mobile career couple. They have been married for five years with two kids.

Today’s couples face a lot of problems living together.  One of them is something as basic as making a coffee.

The question you ask yourself is, how did we grow up these days that we no longer learn basic skills at home?

Do your research.  Most young people only learn how to cook noodles now. We call it Indomie noodles in the typical Nigerian homes.

So, he told me that he was not upset with his wife.

He simply explained to her what to do.

Black coffee was what he wanted.

When she brought the cup, he asked her if it was brewed. She had no idea what that was all about.

The wife is not your typical village girl that our brothers in Diaspora come home to marry.

City girl that cannot make a coffee.

At least, he said she was willing to learn.

Learning is what life is all about.

Nobody is too old to learn a skill.

Learn one, today.

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