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Nobody Will Give You a Chance

Nobody will give you a chance.


You have to believe in yourself to make it work.

You have set out to do something for yourself. It could be business. It could be finding a job. It could finding a husband or wife. It could be pursuing a long lost dream.

It could be anything. Anything altruistic.

Until you are ready to believe in yourself, nobody will believe in you.

That is the way the world is. All of the  start-ups were usually born in obscurity and doubt.

The world will not support you.

It has this “let’s wait and see” mentality to everything novel. Why bother to disturb the routine of order? What new thing are you bringing on board?

It will do everything to kill your dreams and aspirations.

You have to stand your grounds.

You have to believe in yourself.

You have to fight for a space for yourself.

John Knox said “give me Scotland,  or else I die.” He got Scotland. The Queen said of him, “I fear John Knox more than I feared all the armies of Britain.”

Listen up.

Nobody gave Bill Gates a chance. But, today the story is different.

Nobody gave Apple a chance. But, today almost every human that matters on earth today cannot do without Apple and their products.

The Lamp sellers didn’t give The Wizard of Menlo Park a chance. But, Thomas Edison believed in himself.  He became inseparable from his dream of the electrical bulb.

In the process he failed over a thousand times.  Yes, he failed. But, today the lamp sellers had gone into oblivion with their products but Thomas Edison, the Wizard of Menlo Park and his inventions live on.

What are your dreams?

What are your plans?

Stick to them. Work at them.

It begins with self belief.

Nobody will give you a chance until you succeed.

Nobody will reckon with you at the beginning. Don’t let that bother you.

Focus on your dreams.

Fix your eyes on the stars.

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