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What You Should Be Doing Today

Welcome to December 2014.

The beginning of a new month should be a moment for gratitude, solitude, prayers, love, forgiveness and new starts.

In this clime, the beginning of a new Gregorian calender month means a lot of things to a lot of people.

Some send out well-wishes to their family, friends and contacts on their smartphone using the social media.

Some go to churches to pray early in the morning.

Some celebrate themselves.

Some celebrate with others.

Others go out to eat, drink and indulge in their routines.

It does not make any sense to some others who live through the day as normal.

In other climes that are not Westernized, they don’t observe the Gregorian months. The Jews, Orientals, Arabs and other Aborigines. They observe their cultural calendars.

Individuals’ attitude is a response to their socialization process with their environment.

The new month should be a time of gratitude. You should thank God for keeping you alive. Some are not so lucky: they are dead. You have more than a million reasons to be grateful. Heaven acknowledges the thankful heart.

Spend time alone all by yourself. Inspirations will come to you. Ideas will come to you. Meditate. Think deeply. Look back. Look inward. New thoughts will spring up to guide you.

Spend time to pray. Prayer softens the month. All the challenges ahead. All the difficulties ahead. You are given insight and energies to face the month. Pray for yourself, others, nations. Pray for peace. Pray for health.

Activate the spirit of love. Love creates an atmosphere of goodwill. Let love in your heart deactivate all negative emotions. Let love heal you.

It is time to forgive yourself. You have missed it, messed up or misfired. You are human. Forgive yourself. You have been deeply hurt. You have been cheated. You have been disappointed. Forgive your offenders.

The beginning of a new month is a time to start afresh.

Don’t worry about what you have not accomplished. It is time for a new start. Have you been thinking of doing something new? Like go to climb Mount Everest? Start now. Make the move. Make the phone call. Write the letter. Take the initiative.

You have nothing to lose but your fear that has been holding you back.

Seize the moment.

One day at a time – make each day count.

Get yourself a journal. Plan ahead each day.

Carefully, courageously and confidently work your way through the day.

At night, review your day to see how you have fared.

Congrats for seeing December 1. 2014. Let’s come together on the 31st to take stock.

All the best.

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