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He is a Weakling, a Man who Beats a Lady

He is a weak man, a man who raises his hands to strike, slap, beat or brutalize a woman.

If you describe him as a beast in human skin, you are on point. This hypothesis is nothing sentimental but a logical and an apt description of any uncultured man who dares to assault a woman.

In fact, beyond the realm of the jungle where primitive instincts and animalistic tendencies dictate relationships, therein lies a society designed and developed by humans and guided by conscience, common sense, ethics and law where civility is mutual and respect is reciprocal.

In this society, man loves woman. Woman adores man. Their dyadic relationship is guided by charity, concerns for mutual wellbeing and reasons. A man is never allowed to assault a woman, his wife or any other for that matter. Likewise, a woman is not allowed to beat up her man, husband or otherwise. Woman beats up man? Don’t be surprised. It does happen. But in the jungle and not human society.

Our attention is on the man, today. This, without prejudice. Some other times, we will treat the subject of women assaulting men.

You are a man: you beat a woman. The verdict is, you are a sub-human being. You are unfit to dwell among normal people in the society. This may sound harsh or ethical but it is commonsensical.

Why beat up a woman? Why slap your girl? Why the assault and battery? Why indulge in domestic violence? What right do you have on the woman to so treat her? Who confers on you the right of Master and Lord over a woman to begin to assault her?

The first problem is personal. Let’s look at the issue objectively. Most men who beat up woman blame the assault on the victim. Listen up. Your personal appraisal of yourself is the cause of your problem. You think you own the woman. You think you have a right over the woman. You think she provokes you. You think it is because she is misbehaving. So, the way to reconfigure her compliance is to discipline her by beating her. You are dead wrong.

Your wife, or woman is not your personal property.

Yes, she is not your personal property.

Sorry to disappoint you.

This author is not a femminist apologist or modernist but nature teaches us that nobody owns the right of life over another human.

Irrespective of the dowry you paid or what your cultures teach, free yourself from anachronistic error: no woman, not any human belongs to you. They are all owned by a Divine who makes them all free moral agents with choices and responsibilities for their lives and existence.

Whereas there are rules of engagement (written or unwritten) in relationships, families and cultures, the woman does not belong to you as a personal property, by any stretch of imagination.

She is a separate human being with all the divinely endowed rights and entitlements of a mortal like you, the man. She is not an object or vessel to be used, dumped or tossed around as your mood dictates. She is not an extention of your existence. She has her own life to live.

The issue is not the provocation but your personality flaws that cannot handle provocations and angers.

We call it emotional intelligence.

Agreed some women could be naughty (to put it mildly), but you can choose to react or not. How you respond determines your maturity.

Your woman provokes you? So, what? Beating, slapping, or assaulting her is not the only way to respond to her provocation. There are several ways to manage her and her misdemeanour, and beating, slapping or assaulting her is unfortunately not one of the civilized ways in our human society.

There are positive and progessive way to manage a woman who you assume is misbehaving. (She may not think so.)

Sit her down, reason with her, appeal to her sense of emotions and listen to her too. She will apologize when she realizes she has erred.

Give her a space if she refuses to see light with you. She will think through her actions and come to her senses. If she does not, move on with your life.

Beating is not a viable option. It could aggravate to serious infractions that pitch you against the Law. It is not worth it, man.

When a woman provokes you, take a walk. Many a man who reacted in anger to a woman’s provocative behaviour would have loved to take a walk today if given a second chance.

Ironically, such a man is languishing behind the bars of prisions today and the woman dead. Or, those not caught roam the landscape as insane locked up behinds the bars of their tortuous conscience.

You have a relationship problem and should seek psychological counselling if you beat up women.

You are immature if you cannot handle women in relationship.

Some men appeal to their parents or in-laws for interventions to settle quarrels with their women. Grow up, mate. You are no longer tied to your mum’s apron.

Women are not for marriage, sex, and baby-making alone.

The mission of women on our planet earth apart from being the principal agent of procreation is to season, sweeten and lighten up our world. Tap into that as a man, and enjoy life.

On the contrary, try spend your short life on earth fighting and beating up women, you will be miserable and die earlier than your scheduled date with death.

Beating up a woman is an antisocial disorder. It is a mockery of civility to claim that some women do not find fulfillment in their husbands’ home unless they are beaten because of culture. Some even claim that the quantum of beating is a reflection of the level of love the man has for the wife. This is a blatant lie to justify the ridiculous. How can assault be equal or greater than love?

Quit beating your woman. Go get yourself a punching bag if you have an itching fist. On a serious note, go get an appointment with your family counsellor if you have strong urge to always react aggressively towards a woman.

Treat a woman with love. Approach her with gentleness and tenderness. Listen to her with rapt attention.

The woman is like a rose that blossom with the daylight. Love her. Cherish her.

Do not trample on her, her emotions, her rights, her dignity, her womanhood, her life!



  1. shalom says:

    Good one. I hope men with african mentality of brutality read this educative piece.


  2. Archon's Den says:

    The man who does not trust himself, beats his woman. 😦


  3. stevens alegbe says:

    ome men want their ladoes to be affraid of them, some can not manage , hold or control emotion over minor arguments , Baeting a lady is vey bad. Thank you.


  4. stevens alegbe says:

    Some men want their ladoes to be affraid of them, some can not manage , hold or control emotion over minor arguments , Baeting a lady is vey bad. Thank you.


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