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Keeping Appointment, A Sign of Being Cultured

When you give someone an appointment to see you in your office or at a designated location at a particular time, it is a mark of civility, courtesy and culture to ensure that you keep to time, and do not keep the person waiting.

We exaggerate a lot of things around here. One of them is the perception of our self worth and the positions of power we hold. This is one of the reasons the problem of strongmanism may not go away from our social landscape soon.

Every office holder is a “big man” and must keep you waiting to see him or her to prove he or she is in power. Officer will keep you waiting. Manager will keep you waiting. CEO will keep you waiting. Lest we forget, the Security Guard at the entry point may keep you waiting. Such a company is dysfunctional. It has a sickening culture of disrespect for callers, visitors (with or without schedule) and their time.

The worth of your manliness is not proven by how long you keep people on appointment waiting before you see them.

As it is for appointment for meetings, so it is for appointment for employment interviews.

You invited candidates for interviews by 10 a.m. and got around to see or attend to them by 5 p.m. This practice is rampant in many companies.

People are important. Their time is precious. Do not waste their time.

Your failure to keep their scheduled appointment is a big minus for you, not them. It is a testimonial of your personal failure and gross indiscipline. It shows you cannot manage your life. You are not in control of your time.

If you cannot keep to time, excuse yourself ahead of time and reschedule the appointment. You are respecting yourself and dignifying your office by so doing. The office or power you hold today is in trust. The reality is that it is transient.

You have to fix your personal effectiveness so you can be able to manage your life and career well. If you continue to give people appointment and not keep to time, it will eventually catch up with you when your inefficiencies grow and negatively impact sensitive areas of your life, career and relationship.

In order to avoid failing to keep appointment or keeping to time, you should go and learn some skills as basic as diary management, time management, appointment scheduling and planning and personal effectiveness. If you are unable, hire a good Personal Assistant or Secretary and outsource to him or her to help you manage this area of your life and career.

It is rude that the person you give an appointment comes late or does not show up. More importantly, you are embarrasing yourself and disgracing your office when you give people an appointment but do not keep to time or show up. You were not under obligation. The appointment was not imposed on you. You could decline. Reschedule or postpone. But, if you give it, keep it. If you cannot, call (or even send an SMS) the person to excuse yourself and reschedule or cancel.

Show you are humane, urbane and cultured by keeping appointments.


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  1. stevens alegbe says:

    Keeping of schedule appoiintment by both parties is a major factor of time management which enhanced efficiency and production . There for both agent are encouraged to respect the courtesy if there must be a shift or delay. Thank u,


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