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A Bad Decision is Better than No Decision

Life is about taking risks and making choices through decisions we make.

The course of life is dictated by the decisions we make on a daily basis and the sum total of who you are today is as a result of the decisions you made or did not make yesterday.

Whichever way you look at it, it is better to make a bad decision than not make any decision at all.

Decision making is what separates successful people from people who fail. Decision making is what separates happy people from miserable people. Decision making is what determines the destination of your journey in life. 

We are confronted with choices in life.

Choice of where to live. Some are so class conscious that they join the Joneses to live in the most expensive parts of the city, and live in penury. Others are not so smart to live in isolated place and later quit after incessant unpleasant visits from men of the underworld.

Choice of where to raise your children. Where do you want to raise your kids? In the city? In the rural area? With love or aggression? At the mercy of unprofessional housemaids and unrefined houseboys who teach them wrong values? 

Choice of who and when to date. These days, young people advertise themselves on the social media seeking older women and men as partners. Some go for money, raw cash because they want their needs to be taken care of.

Choice of who to marry. Will you marry for love? Will you marry for money? Will you marry fame? Will you marry prestige? Will you marry through social media? Will you marry from the Church? Will you marry on the street? Will you marry from the club/party? What type of personality will you marry?

Will you allow your daughter to marry a young man who is struggling to create a space for himself or an accomplished money bag? Will you be content to become a second, third or fourth wife to a rich man?

Choice of the type of career to pursue. What are you studying in school, or rather what did you study in school? What are you doing now? Why would a young man waste several years of his formative life to learn medicine to end up working as a cashier in the bank?

Choice of whether to go into business or not. Choice of when to go into business, if you succeed in making up your mind.

Choice of whether to spend or save money. Choice of what to spend your money on. It is easier to spend money than make it. Will you save the extra income from your increment? Expenses rise up to increment, you must have heard that before now. What are you spending your money on? Your needs or wants?

Choice of whether to spend this holiday at home with family or travel out of the country to some exotic place. If you are traveling, do you have the funds to accommodate such trip and its trappings? Have you planned for it?

Choice of friendship. People go into wrong friendship because they lack the ability to choose their friends wisely and they have got their fingers burnt.

Choice of relationship. Why go into a relationship that assault you? Why endure an abusive relationship? You have a choice about whom you allow into your life.

Agreed you cannot have an ex-dad or ex-mum as you have ex-spouse, but you can determine the degree of interface if such relationship is toxic.

Choice of the food to eat. You load the stomach with unnecessary calories and are looking for the magic pill or formula to make you slim.

In spite of resources on what you can eat to be healthy and well, you continue to live in ignorance about the kinds of food you consume.

Choice of lifestyle. Your habits, are they helpful or harmful? What type of funs do you seek? What type of life are you living? Are you happy with yourself or miserable?

Choice of whether to be involved in charity to not. Are you miserly or charitable? Are you penny wise or pound foolish?

Choice of whether to go into politics or not. Why are you going into politics? Build the society or steal from the treasury? Prove you are strong enough to rule or serve your people?

Wading through all these mazes of options complicated by the availability of the Internet make life interesting today. For some people, not so interested. Confused. Overwhelmed, if they do not know how to make decisions about the choices they are presented it.

You are confronted with myriad of choices every day of your waking life. You have to make decisions about the direction your life will take. Making none mars you. Making none depreciates your capacity to face the realities of life. Making none does not portray you as a matured adult who can live through life as a person of your own. Making none will mean that others will be making decisions for you in life.

Some folks have left the decision making aspect of their life to others. They have handed over their lives to herbalists, diviners, seers, fake pastors, fake imams, fake priests, magicians and some charlatans who deceive and confuse them about the course of their life.

You need direction in your life, but you must face up to the fact that you have to take a responsibility for your life. It is your life. Nobody should live it for you. It is up to you to live your life to the fullest or otherwise.

At the end of the day, you will give account for yourself. Nobody will give account on your behalf on the day of reckoning.

Do not hand over your life to others to run for you.

Begin today.

Learn to make decision for your life from the choices you are presented with daily.

Do not be afraid of making mistakes.

Life itself is a risky venture. You learn, you get wiser. You make mistakes, you correct yourself, pick up yourself and move on.

Fortunately, knowledge is open now, and the present times afford you the opportunity to seek information, knowledge, and wisdom at virtually no costs to you to enable you learn and acquire decision making skills.


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  1. stevens alegbe says:

    A bad decision cearly show that an atempt was made or decided on choices , Though it went bad at first, we need to think , redirect , consult and challenge futher . There fore a bad decision is far better than no decision. Thank you.


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