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Get Rid of Procrastination, Go for It

We published “A Bad Decision is Better than No Decision” some hours ago and the responses from our readers have necessitated this sequel.

It is obvious that people are held back from greatness because of procrastination.

The problem, more often than not, is with the inability of an individual to make up his or her mind on time and go for what he or she wants in life.

Procrastination, hesitation and sitting on decision making are the things that give birth to a situation where you end up making no decision at all. 

One of our regularly readers and a longstanding friend of the family, Steve Alegbe in his response to “A Bad Decision is Better than No Decision” said, “A bad decision clearly shows that an attempt was made or decided on choices. Though it went bad at first, we need to think, redirect, consult and challenge further. Therefore, a bad decision is far better than no decision.”

If you are making bad decisions, it shows you are a living being. Blood is pumping in your heart.

If you are not making any decisions at all, it is procrastination, hesitation, sitting on decision making and fear of the unknown that are holding you back.

Humanity, nature and the Divine do not allow such for those who want to attract and attain greatness. 

What have you been sitting on? What decisions are you supposed to have taken that you have been dancing around? What have you been hesitating about?

A young man has proposed to you and you are wasting time to give him a response, positive or negative?

You have a medical advice to go for a surgery to save your life, and you have been hesitating?

You have been hurt and are refusing to forgive and let go?

You should have quitted your continuously abusive relationship but are hanging on suffering in silence waiting for the man to change?

Go ahead: stop wasting time.

Do what you have to do.

Stop the procrastination.

Do not be afraid to launch into the unknown.

The worst that can happen will not happen.

Heavens will not fall.

As you step out of your house this moment, go ahead and do what you have been hesitating about.

Go ahead, make the phone call.

Go ahead, click the button and send the email.

Go ahead; approach the person you have been meaning to contact.

The worst that can happen is a “No”. You know what? A “No” is not finality. If you are declined today, go away and come back another day. If you are ignored today, go away and make another attempt.

Never give up on your dreams. 

You have a dream. I know you have a dream. I may not know what that is, but am convinced that you have been thinking of doing something lately that you are afraid of taking the bold step to do. Get rid of your procrastination. Go ahead, just do it.

You have a project you are working on. Do not let procrastination castrates your project. Get rid of your procrastination. Get your team back together. You can make it. You can publish your book. You can release your album. You can graduate from the college. You can finish your second degree programme. You can execute your marriage ceremony. Do not be afraid.

You have a relationship that must begin. Do not let procrastination spoil the show for you. Reach out to the lady or man. Take the initiatives.

Culture says a man should make the move and propose to the woman. But from time immemorial, the woman has been the prime initiator as she positions and make herself “proposable” in order to enable the man summon the courage to make the move. You think I am talking about Delilah and her antics? Far from such agenda. The wise women understand my perspective.

You have a deal you must close, and are wasting time. Do not let your competition beat you to it. Go ahead, be bold. Go for it. Nothing is impossible to them that operate in the realm of possibilities.

Faith is not mythical. It is not a mystery. It is your everyday demonstration of your confidence in the Sovereign God that you can achieve what you set out in your heart to accomplish and become useful to yourself, family, country and generation.

Do not waste away because procrastination is holding you back from making decisions.

Just do it. And, that NOW.


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  1. stevens alegbe says:

    Some has been cultured with the believe of procastination,While some will leave their comfort ZONE to take a higher risk for good, Sure Riding of procrastination aligned some one in a front line of success . Thank you.


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