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Is Your Smartphone a Dumbphone?

Smartphone is smart when put to good use but becomes a dumbphone when the owners allows it to control their lives as a result of misuse in the public.

Pa Joel was attending the naming ceremony of his daughter’s new born baby. Whilst the ceremony was going on and the preacher was giving his exhortations, his phone rang. He picked up the phone and this conversation ensued:

Pa Joel: hello, I am at a naming ceremony. … it is coming out fine. .. baby is well, the mother is good too … when I am done I will get back to you. … no, let me call you back.

Pa Joel was as loud as the preacher, if not louder. His conversation was an unnecssary disruption of a social gathering. It was a sheer distraction.

Like Pa Joel, another man had to disrespectully stop his own ongoing deliverance service to pick a call, and you can click on the link to watch the video below.

At such a time, the smartphone or handset is dumb. Ironically, a lot of us fall into the trap of the misuse of our phones in public.

We use our phones to do legitimate things at inappropriate times.

We use the phones when driving whereas we know it is not safe and unlawful to do so. We make phone calls, receive calls with or without hands-free devise. Some of us go as far as checking our messages on Yahoo, Gmail, Twitter, Whatsapp or BBM.

This is not only a wrong but an unsafe practice for someone behind the steering wheel.

Keep your hands off your phones when driving. Keep the phones and their beeps, pings and alerts off your mind when driving.

Defensive driving is to ignore the use of your phones when driving.

Keep your phones away during public functions. It is not only the Chinese phones with their loud ringtones. All phones should be kept away. They are distractions. Do not use or fiddle with your phone when in a meeting.

Also, not in a lecture hall.

Not in a public gathering.

Not in the church.

Not in the marketplace.

Not in a public transport.

As a general rule, keep you phone off, on silence or vibration whenever you are in a conversation with people.

It is good to remind ourselves that you should do this ahead of the meeting, not during the meeting.

It is simply a matter of courtesy.

It shows you are mindful of the other parties and respect them.

People will take you serious when they see how you respect them with the way you control your phone and its uses when around them, or with them for meetings.

Do not let your mobile phone become a distraction to others or make you a public nuisance. You should control you phone before it controls you.

Show you are smart the way you use your phone in public. Quite a number of people have been robbed because they carelessly discuused their private information on the phone in public.

Jare was in a public transport on his way back to the office. He had gone to withdraw $1,000 for his boss. Then, his phone rang. It was his wife. He picked and this conversation ensued: “darling, … no, I am not in the office.  Just returning from the bank. No, cashed money for the boss. Once I drop it I will be on my way home.  … I won’t forget … I will buy the pizza on my way home. Love you.”

Jaguda was sitting next to Jare. A prolific pickpocket of equal standing like Charles Dicken’s Jack Dawkins alias The Artful Dodger. Jaguda heard all of Jare’s conversation and was determined to rob him.

The rest of the story was history.

Jare alighted at his bus stop, and Jaguda followed him closely despite the fact that it was not his original bus stop. By the time Jare got to the office, the $1,000 was gone.

This is a true life story that happened in Lagos though the names of the characters had been altered.

Jare was arrested and passed the night in the police custody. His wife missed both her husband’s warm welcome hug and hot pizza because of a careless conversation and dumb use of a smartphone.

Smartphones are smart devices.

Do not make them dumb by your misuse.

You should resolve today to begin to use your smartphone correctly in the public.

Video link of man picking call during deliverance service. https://www.google.com.ng/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&ei=P3KQVOGcKc_faL-kgqgD&url=http://m.youtube.com/watch%3Fv%3DxEqCAVqtBXE&ved=0CBoQtwIwAA&usg=AFQjCNH7ynFc10kyjaNQTfmbx_IruFOcfw&sig2=_5rtxUS5Hz-9bFACDOYiKQ


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  1. Barakat ojo says:

    It’s true that smart phones are very useful,the users need to be smarter…


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