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Your Problems, Your Pad and the Pen

Prepare to leave your problems behind, and polish your pad and pen to push yourself into a productive New Year.

Everybody has got a problem, including you. The poor and prince alike. The earth is not up for grabs until you cultivate it. It begins to yield is treasure to you when you transform it. Your affinity with the mother earth is a mere prospect that remains a potential unless you interact with it. This is the guiding philosophy of agriculture and the prosperity of nations. You have problems as an individual or a nation when you neglect this elementary truism.

You have problems – they come to you. They come in your direction sensing you have what it takes to tackle and solve them. These problems turn away from you to others when you shy away or show inability to solve them. You know one thing about problems? They don’t exist on our planet earth forever. Someone somewhere must solve them. Problems are terrestrial, they are not celestial. Problems are temporal; they are not going to last forever.

As you wind down this year and contemplate this new one, begin to take stock of all the problems you have encountered. This is where your pad and pen come in handy. Write out all of them. Maybe you have been joggling them in your head before now. It is time to track them down.

In your pad, create spreadsheet of four columns. One to itemize all the problems you face this year. The next one to write out what you will do in the new year to solve them. The next one to list out the type of help you need and who/what will provide these assistance. The last to state the deadline you expect to have solved the problem.

You can begin now.

This is not a mere academic exercise. Remember that problems shared are half solved. You are sharing your problems with your intuitive self, and drawing resources from the realm of solutions to confront and solve the problems.

You should not underestimate the power of problem solving through creative intuitive engagement of self. You lose nothing dropping your problems through the use of your mind, pad and pen.

You can begin now before this year fades away.


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