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Deconstructing the Merry in Christmas

Merry Christmas!

It is the season of wishes, greetings, gifts, feasting, drinking, shopping, family reunion and holidays.

Truly, most of whole world is merrying this season.

Christmas, irrespective of the circumstances of its origin has become the time we mark the birth of Jesus Christ.

Today, the Church of Nativity in Bethelem is agog with festive atmosphere as people have traveled from all over the world to celebrate the traditional Christmas Eve.

Now, Christmas means many things to many people. We are not going to belabour that reality. What is important is to ask yourself what you are doing this season to add value to your life, and prepare for the challenges of the coming year.

We cannot take ‘Merry’ of out ‘Christmas’ because it is one of the tenets of capitalism. The Merry is the commerce associated with the season, and it has been ingrained in people and marketplace, from generations to generations.

But, you can turn your merry inside out. Merry because you are on holidays and should spend more time alone to reflect, with family to bond, with your environment to share.

Merry Christmas is then stripped of its capitalist stranglehood and will regain its true essence of unconditional love, sharing, sacrifice, giving and unpretentious service that the birth of Jesus Christ signifies.

This season, you should spend time alone to meditate, and reflect about your life, why you are here on earth, what you have accomplished, and what you will do in the future. Are you happy? Are you fulfilled? Are you proud of yourself and recent decisions you made? Are you willing to keep on going? Are you ready to sacrifice?

You should spend time with your family. They need you. Give them your attention. You have been working from January 2014. You should take a break now. If it is impracticable to get a vacation now, plan to make up later. You will soon smile and have your own family. If you have none now, do not despair.

You should give back to your community. Remember the less privileged, disabled and those in the prisons. Reach out to them in love. Spend time to visit the Orphanages, children with special needs such as autism, down syndrome, etc. Show them love.

Merry Christmas, with a touch of value to your life, and others around you.


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  1. pamiola says:

    Beautiful piece sir. Thanks for reminding us of the true essence of Christmas.


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