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A Child to Nurture & Train

Today is Christmas Day.

Basically, it is the story about the birth of a child born in Bethelem, not in the maternity home or hospital but in a manger during the Roman government census. The Magis from the East visited and gave his parents gifts on his behalf. The peasant shepherds too came and saw him. Visits done: the mum and dad had a sole responsibility to nurture and train him up so he could grow up and live up to his name, Jesus Christ.

Some two nights ago, a young man in his prime was mercilessly gunned down allegedly by four unknown gunmen in a neighbourhood beer parlour. The story was that he had been compromised in gangs or cultism attack. He was allegedly a university graduate who was preparing to travel out of the country. He was also said to have been a cultist too.

What a sad testimonial to a bright and promising life! Perhaps on the day of his christening, eight days after he was born, the clergymen who conducted the christening ceremony might have prayed that he would become great, etc, etc. Now, consider how he ended his life: shot dead and left on the road like an animal. His family came, the landlord association involved the police and his lifeless body was removed 24 hours after lying dead on the road. He had been allegedly buried. Dead without accomplishing why he was born.

Could it be that he was not properly nurtured and trained up?

Just as marriage transcends the wedding ceremony of just one day, having children in the family goes beyond the joy of giving birth to them.

After the delivery, congratulations and felicitations, dad and mum should begin to nurture and train up their children to become useful to themselves and their society.

Children do not become wayward on their own. They require love, firmness and discipline before they can be properly trained up.

If you are a parent: a dad, mum or even a single parent, you should nurture and train up your children.

No alibi is good enough. Not work, not pressure, not financial handicap. If you give birth to them, you must nurture and train them up.

Enjoy the holidays, but resolve anew to reconnect with your children and work hard to train them up to become useful to their society.


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  1. stevens alegbe says:

    Very rewarding to Parent, Society and the child if a child is well train and nurture. Thank you,


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