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If am not in the Church on New Year day

Let me state unequivocally from the onset that this is not a religious or churchy discourse. So, do not be scared or pissed off by the title of this article.

I do not set out to make a religious person out of you either. I respect your right to any religion of your choice. I am a christian, and if I have the opportunity to share the gospel with and convert you to Christ, I will.

Now, the title of this article has been inspired by a young man, one of my employees. Some days ago when we were discussing the report of the incidence of a cultist attack that resulted in the untimely death of an alleged university graduate, the young man said, “Boss, the guy would not have died if he had not been mixed up with the wrong company. His assilants knew he could not have been in the church or mosque praying. They came after him in the likeliest place: beer parlour.”

There is a sense in what my employee said. Places of worship are designated as sacred and people go there to connect with their Maker in worship, and through fellowshipping with their brethren draw up enough inspiration and strength to live through the day that is full of challenges and uncertainties.

Where will the New Year meet you?

I am asking now ahead of time to enable you think through your choice.

Where will you be on New Year day? Where and how will you spend the first three hours of 2015 from 12 midnight to 3:00 a.m.?

In beer parlour? With excess booze and entertainment?

In church? Worshipping Jehovah God? My advise: go to church, they don’t bite there. You are better off for it. You will experience love, peace, spiritual harmony, insight, direction and guidance for the New Year.

In solitude? Private meditation? That also is a smart move. It is even a better option for people who will be working on essential duties on that day. Police, medics, security agents and others.

Whatever you are doing in the first three hours of 2015, in your own interest do not be caught in the wrong place with the wrong crowd and wrong lifestyle. These three wrongs are habingers of no-good.

I would rather be in solitude, if I am not in the church on New Year day.

Where will you spend your first three hours of the New Year?



  1. Demola Aderinto says:

    Good content. I love this.


  2. stevens alegbe says:

    If I am not in the Church on new year day,I will be at home or some where safe praying and thanking God at least first three hours into the new year, Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

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