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Mental Block can Inspire Creative Ideas – Gift Amukoyo

LastDaysWatch intervewed Gift Amukoyo Foraine, an aspiring poet and writer.

She shares her experiences as a young promising writer, opening up our readers into the uncharted world of young writers.

LDW: Can you introduce yourself to our readers, please?

Gift: I am a young Nigerian poet from Delta State. I attended Delta State University where I studied English and Literary Studies. I am currently undergoing PGD in Journalism (Print option) at the Nigerian Institute of Journalism. I am a studios literatus. I peruse with great delight, any good story. I am a budding poet. Some of my works have been published by various Nigerian newspapers such as The Guardian, Newswatch, The Union, New Telegraph and Daily Independent. I am also a book reviewer, writer and an editor. I can say I am a spirited young lady encompassed with zeal to brainstorm innovative ideas and work on existing phenomenon and ideologies. I am jovial and on the sunny side of life with passion
for research and result.

LDW: Do you ever experience mental block as a writer?

Gift: Yes, I do. But I struggle with ideas to break free.

LDW: How does this happen?

Gift: It can happen when am depressed over something. Or I have a disturbing assignment or task to undergo. So at such points I push aside writings. But on the other hand, my inspiration can spring up from those moments. When it strikes, I pick up a pen and scribble skeletal thoughts.

LDW: So mental block could be a source of inspiration?

Gift: Yes. Mental block can inspire creative ideas. Because that which hinders you from writing is a great stumbling block. So I put it in writing.

LDW: Aside mental block, what else pose challenges to you as a poet/writer?

Gift: I have mental block when am connecting with my muse, that’s; swimming in the rivers of ideas, pondering what’s and what is not, how to suitably comb the words, in realism or fantasy for my readers to peruse it with relish. Am having Mental block as a writer does not imply my writing fluid has lapse, it means I have run out of insights and therefore need to refurbish my inner vision.

LDW: How do you relax?

Gift: I relax after loads of writing and editions by laying down on the bed with a headphone to my ears, and listen to good music.  By so doing,  I get so much meanings from great musicians’ lyrics, which further herald floods of themes to write on. Through the process, I can sleep in snatches, sip from my drink;  either cold or warm depending the weather. Scribble some points or titles as pen and paper are almost always within my outstretched hands.

LDW: What else do you do when not writing?

Gift: When am not writing or editing,  it is fact something of necessity has hindered me. I can be unto household chores: cooking, laundering, shopping, hosting or on the road in a bumpy ride,  because a smooth road triggers me to unearth my writing aids and delve into jotting scenes on the highway.

LDW: Where do you see yourself in five years time?

Gift: This time, am a budding writer with fervent passion for writing poetry.  In five years time, by the grace of, and glory to God, I would be a published author of awesome literary genres. And as an aspiring Journalist who already is undergoing study in Mass Communication, I would have become a seasoned media practitioner. And above all, a loving, caring wife and mother.

LDW: Have you ever thought of quitting writing for other things?

Gift: No. I have never nurtured the omen to quit writing for any other thing.  I can never stop, I have the feeling its an inborn trait in my personality.There would always be something to write because as tides tickles and tackles my being, experience would demand I mirror the occurrences in print. I learn everyday, and I shall write at all times until my hands are too shaky to hold pen, and my mind is to numb to materialize ideas.

LDW: What does the future hold for writers, in your own estimation?

Gift: Write ups are great legacies, they’re indelible marks writers stamp for generations when they descend this world. Writers are teachers, they nourish readers to be leaders, for when an individual studiously embraces reading culture, he or she is equivalent to a journeyman, though travelling through the ship of the author, and traverse continents. In my own estimation, writers would never go into extinction, generations of authors would emerge.  In short, the future of writer is here. There are renown writers in Nigeria, because if I am to take a swipe of writers all over the world, it would be an endless voluminous list. They are the eyes and ears of any society . For instance, Wole Soyinka is a resounding voice both home and abroad, in the literary art and political issues. Most writers, are also teachers and lecturers, politicians, etc. But, there are stumbling blocks budding writers face often times. The problem of reliable and efficient publishers, especially in Nigeria, if your novel is not published by foreign publishing companies, it is deemed as inferior. Many of such writers have the tendency of not selling the books or reaching the targeted readers. According to a fellow upcoming writer; John Chizoba Vincent, “The only problem we poets have in Nigeria is that we hardly see a publishing house that will publish poems. They prefer novels and short stories that will give them money”  The above quota expatiate that, within the literary profession, some genres are more prominent than some others. So if a fair platform for publishing books are empowered, it would encourage writers to become authors. And in turn, enable them visualize successful writing careers at ease.

LDW: What do you have to tell aspiring writers?

Gift: What I have for writers in Nigeria and abroad, is for them to never run out of papers to write on. As the ideas flow, let the ink lay rest on the sheets. One day, that volume of literary antique would get to it’s destination, reach its height, and soar higher. Just abhor this in your thoughts; hues for now. Cheers!

LDW: Thank you for your time.

Gift: Thank you.

Postscript: You can read some of Gift’s poem on Facebook and http://www.skytrendnews.com/index.php/column/saturday-column/5994-well-of-wealth-with-gift-the-good-path-the-right-wheel as well as http://www.asaplanet.com/gift-Amukoyo/


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  1. stevens alegbe says:

    Mental block must set in , inrespective of what one decided to do that will lead to success in life, But ability to over come it and make sure r dreams and goals come true as planned is what make one a victor. Thank you .


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