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On Why We Post Job Vacancies

Posting job vacancies is one of LastDaysWatch corporate social responsibility to our readers.

We have posted three job vacancies in the last couples of minutes. All coming from Sierra Leone.

The last time we posted similar job vacancies, two of our readers reacted thus:

Reader 1: With Ebola?

Reader 2: Why all these funny vacancies posting?

LDW appreciated the sincerity of these two readers’ responses but gave them insights on our rationale, and cleared the air on any misgivings.

We have our readers from across the globe. We lived an interconnected world. You may not need the job, but have someone who knows someone somewhere and may be suitably qualified to apply for the job.

We are a member of the Sierra Leone HR Task Force, and are privileged to get these vacancies for posting to our public and esteemed readers.

Sierra Leone remains a beautiful country with great tourism potentials. The people are hospital, accommodating, warm and loving. Ebola outbreak in the country is transient, and will not last forever. As we say in Nigeria, “this also will go away” . Ebola is not a resident of Sierra Leone, or any part of West Africa where it is presently ravaging the communities. We salute the courage and resilence of the nationals and other foreign nationals standing tall against all odds in the race against time to chase Ebola out of Africa.

We consider it an opportunity to publicise good things happening in the countries of our esteemed readers and Sierra Leone, and emerging job vacancies in spite of the health challenges is one of them. LDW does not subscribe to publicising evil reports. We exist to provide alternatives to news as is currently reported.

You can visit our blog, if you have not done so in the last two hours to read the newest postings and circularise among other contacts and friends. You may be enriching some persons’ lives.

Please enjoy the postings on our blog, and we encouraged your continued feedback to make us better.



  1. Gift Amukoyo says:

    This is actually true. Ebola’s constituency is not Sierra Leone or any other African country. It must sure pass. And once again, glory would reign over blessed Africa.


  2. stevens alegbe says:

    PThese days Corcoporate organisations, Churches, NGOS Government has some things they give back to customers , societies or disabled people, similarly LDW post vacancies for her customers , members of their family and friends, Irespective of some reader reactions , they are entittled to their own opinion . Thank you .


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