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Women Digest: How Prepared are You by Barakat Mojisola Ojo

Happy new year dear readers.

The previous year was quite remarkable and now it’s history.

This year is a breath of fresh air, smells new like a pretty wrapped gift. However,  if you want this year to be outstanding for you and your loved ones, you have to take some steps towards ensuring a smooth and delightful year.

So, how prepared are you for this year?

Its quite challenging to juggle work and children and love life all at once however you will find out that adequate preparations will make you a super woman…. I’m serious!

Here are a few tips to guide you on to super-awesomeness!

1.  Take care of the basic needs – the basic need of every family is food and shelter, so have you stocked the necessary dry goods that will tide you and your family for at least two months? If not, try to do that because who knows what the austerity measures will portend?

2.   Have you paid your rent or you have moved into your newly built home? Either way, it is alright as long as it is secure and warm.  Believe me harmattan  is serious. Also get warm clothes to keep warm during this season.

Are you mentally and physically prepared for the journey?

Lots of time our dear body is just not ready to do as bidden and  this often results to a trip  to Dr D.

One of the mistakes we make concerning our body is that we tend to forget that we are what we eat; so healthy foods, exercise and lots of water should be our watchword throughout this year. Do not allow stress to get you down and make you fat, try to relax as much as you can.

Money….yes money, you need to take care of the finances so that it will not run out on you before the next one comes in, so plan your monthly budget to suit you family’s needs and your pocket’s limit!

And so my friends, it is my greatest wish to see you happy this year.

Therefore, lets start the journey gracefully and  hope we all get ahead in our endeavours…


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