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Uncensored Gag Order by Gift AMUKOYO

Every mind confiscated in congestion
Throat drum in gags to Dinosaurs
The tongue caressing hello to Milky Way
All the way all up in silent space

The mass juice mixer has been toppled to ripples
The delight of secular compatriots crushed
Where are the sons of liberty? Gone to wonderland?
They lay siege to our civilization and values in diverse

They poise pitfalls to our personal liberty
Bell of liberty has been blunt hounded at puberty
When shall we ring redemption songs, the lyrics of freedom?
Men were born free, but soaked in ideological chains

An omen of the chain gangs charred iron coal on the lips
Freedom of Assembly, it is our liberty cap worn freewill
Where are the liberty Freighter to barricade at pirate ports
On rage tunnels of infested custom duties

Freedom of the press, fighting with the pen
It is not a dagger; it’s just a means of expression
They are two oars to a boat; we must paddle side by side
An exporter is an exporter, an importer and importer

How can we pay the prices of infested custom duties?
Black gourds of imperial gallon imposters
We cannot trade solely on commodities we entitle no license ties
Bloodlust has soiled liberty greenhouse

Liberty pole gawked to pieces
Liberty Island evolved into bloodbath
A whirling pool of black stickers
Wailing orgasm of unfulfilled exploration of liberty

The fanatical Thought Police were on the trail of innocent Thought Crimes
In fueled hate week rampage and missile into extinction
War is Peace in Pieces
Freedom is Slavery is Savagery

Ignorance is Strength is Sinister
We yearn for freedom of speech,
Crave freed thought expressions
The Fourth Estates have been demolished,

With controlled devices
Charlie and his wagon were not amongst the seven lucky kids
They have been whisked by the Jackie’s jackboots
They will be scrunched beneath the six stories Complex of earth

Let the earth quake at those barbaric rockets
Let volcanic justice juggle on their atrocities
Bring us justice, bring back our freedom
Liberty bodices, scoop them in tranquil bosom
Enclose them in captivity of liberty beyond

Copyright: Gift AMUKOYO
Written: January 8, 2015


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