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Women Digest: Life or Death? by Barakat Mojisola Ojo

Have you ever experienced assault in your marriage?

Has your husband turned you into a punching bag?

Do you work 7 to7 like a maid and never get appreciated?

There’s someone I know who had so much trouble in her marriage. Her husband made her work tirelessly. She cooked, cleaned and did laundry at odd hours. In spite of these, she was subjected to abuse, threats and harassment because of her daughter.

The husband made it his duty to discipline the little girl so much that one day the child welfare service almost took the girl from the mother!

He forbade her to have anything to do with her family and didn’t allow her to buy clothes without telling him. It got so bad that one day, when  she went to visit her parents, they decided to keep her at home rather than lose her to slavery with her husband!

It is getting so worse these days: you hear and see it everyday – how men brutalise women and how women kill their husbands. 

It is so rampant now that I wonder what the younger generation will make out of it.

Where is the love you both had before you said “I do?” Has is gone so soon so fast?

What is the solution to this menace?

Where have we gone wrong?

Where are the values that we learnt from our grand parents and parents?

A professor of Sociology of the family once said that the dynamics of the family will eventually change,. He opined that in the nearest future, there will be more single parents and homosexuality will be the norm. 

Aren’t we slowly moving towards that if all that the younger ones hear or experience are the abusive relationships,  breakups in marriages, and divorces?

May  God  help  us  all …..


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