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Chibok Farm

Tell me how did two seven six eggs miss?
Where were the mother hens?
Why were there no crows?
How great were the eagles?

A vulture can never be taken for a cock.
It has been forever they were picked
They must have hatched by now
Where are the chicks? No trace of shells

Wait a minute; I doubt any of those
eggs got missing
Probably they were never laid, or were they?
Maybe it’s a ploy to distract the poultry maids.
Chasing and scouting for non existent chicks

While the eagles scan and scheme predatory
Laying strategies to vanquish the chickens
Nestled in the covers of daylight
Envisioning its stream of prey

Waging to flap its arsenal wings.
If there were eggs there should be trails of shells
Evidence of the existence be it the remains of the chicks
It will be clarified the Chi existed in the farm Bok

Oh! seven six chicks found their way back?
Wonderful! But because they’re are just chicks
They could not give map of the plains they traversed?
Believably a petty situation

Two one nine still roaming in the wild forest
All the farm hands have grown weary in the search
Have the hens and cock ceased crooning?
Give me a feather of each of their breeders

Let the search party veer off the bushes
Go into cities and towns maybe they’re scattered about
Eating feeds from burst sewers
They should not throw in the towel
Keep the search alive
If there’s anything to search for
If they would be found bring back our chicks


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