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Vacancy position for HR Manager

CARE-SIERRA LEONE invites applications from qualified and interested members of staff and the public    to fill the under mentioned vacant position.

Job Title:                      HR Manager

Department:                 Human Resources

Supervisor:                  Country Director

Current Job Grade:       XXXXX


The HR Manager will be responsible to provide strategic day-to-day policy direction to the mission’s management of HR in order to attain the most efficient utilization of highly motivated and qualified staff. The HR Manager is also responsible for key result areas particularly in policy development and interpretation, salary and compensation review, performance management, employee welfare and counseling and disciplinary action. Identify and develop appropriate mechanisms for staff recognition and motivation. Contribute to building an organizational climate of respect, transparency and teamwork. S/he must ensure that HR policies are in line with the labour laws of Sierra Leone. S/he will be based in Freetown with 35% of her time spent outside Freetown providing oversight and guidance to staff in the field.


  1. Provide strategic day-to-day policy direction to the mission’s management of HR in order to attain the most efficient utilization of highly motivated and qualified staff. 
  1. Monitor the release of GOSL policies, interpret and ensure CARE SL’s personnel policies are consistent with labour laws and government regulations, disseminate policies as required;
  2. Ensure that CARE SL’s personnel policies are consistent and flexible; are developed and modified in line with the changes in the organizational policy;
  3. Develop and manage a process to ensure personnel policies are understood and adhered to by all concerned, and that staff are kept abreast of the latest changes to the HR Policies and Procedures;
  4. Ensure the incorporation of personnel policy changes in the HR Manual;
  5. Ensure efficient personnel record management system. Submit monthly staff changes report to Country Director with various analyses;
  6. Determine the staff requirement in concert with the project Management and support units. Forecast human resources requirements and review justification of new openings for approval;
  7. Ensure that the staffs are kept abreast of the latest changes to the mission policies and strategies.           

2          Supervise the administration of personnel matters in the mission in order that all personnel actions are undertaken in the best interest of the mission and personnel records are kept up to date. 

  1. Plan for and supervise HR staff in order that all aspects of the department’s activities are implemented efficiently with a high level of quality;
  2. Ensure recruitment and hiring of staff by advertising, screening applications and participating in the interview process and ensure that selection and placement are in adherence to the recruitment policy;
  3. Improve the staff hiring process to get more equal numbers of men and women who are honest and dedicated;
  4. Organize and carry out the right training for women that develops their confidence and helps staff to recognise that women are equal partners in development;
  5. Improve on establish systems and orient staff to be able to maintain all pertinent employment records on all national personnel employed by CARE;
  6. Establish systems and orient staff to be able to maintain HR management systems, at bases and Freetown levels;
  7. Manage all personnel related issues including promotions, transfer, acting assignments, staff confirmation, separation, in-country TDY;
  8. Approve payment of leave allowance and other centrally administered HR functions; 
  1. Supervise the training and development of mission staff in order that they are more skilled and motivated to undertake their work. 
  1. Coordinate/undertake the necessary research, information gathering and consultative process to generate the required information.
  2. Draft and incorporate final comments in the policies/strategies.
  3. Develop and manage a recognition initiative that will recognize staff’s achievements in coordination with the Country Director, develop and manage a system for monitoring the effectiveness of the performance management system, identify where further staff development is need and design processes accordingly.
  4. Develop, launch and manage other initiatives in support of the CARE SL’s leadership development strategy;
  5. Improving the orientation process & document both initial and ongoing;
  6. Play a lead role in Succession Plan Management and reporting to SMT. 
  1. Responsible for ensuring the recruitment of qualified, skilled and gender balance staff 
  1. Oversee and monitor recruitment process effectively for ensuring transparency and fairness and thus ensure placement of candidates having best skills and gender mix. Ensure that more qualified women are recruited;
  2. Define, disseminate standard selection criteria and ensure the same are met and followed. Ensure diverse representation in the interview board;
  3. Ensure that a pool of candidates is attracted through job advertisements, both internal and external sources;
  4. Coordinate the periodic review of compensation package to ensure that pay levels and benefits are reviewed against COLA, market rates and realistic recommendations are made and justified with the help of a Compensation Review Task Force;
  5. Evaluate staff turnover and recommend remedies to keep the rate at the minimal level. 
  1. Performance management and staff development 
  1. Ensure that Job Descriptions are consistent and updated;
  2. Provide relevant orientation for staff, both at start of contract and ongoing, to ensure their understanding and compliance with CARE’s policies, organizational strategies, and job expectations;
  3. Participate in task force to establish the foundation for organizational transformation through improving staff development and leadership capacities while addressing gender equity and diversity issues;
  4. Evaluate, recommend & coordinate improvements to the Performance Management process;
  5. Process application for training assistance and make recommendation to CD for approval;
  6. Plan/review progress and prepare performance appraisal of all staff under direct supervision; 
  1. Ensure effective staff transition process and disciplinary action: 
  1. Monitor, report, recommend and where required handle, all types of appropriate disciplinary actions;
  2. Assume full responsibility for dispensing (under my signature) appropriate disciplinary action at all levels for staff at grade 6 and below;
  3. Consult with the Legal Advisor on legal HR aspects;
  4. Give counselling for correcting staff’s behavioural problems and motivation;
  5. Assist exiting employees in any way for a smooth transition. 
  1. Serve as member of the Wellness Workplace Policy Work Group 
  1. Review, and share with SMT the HIV/AIDS situation in Sierra Leone in detail, making necessary changes to the Situation Analysis Report;
  2. Plan and conduct an annual refresher workshop for each sub-office;
  3. Review the Wellness Workplace Policy as a group, and again with the test of the CARE Sierra Leone staff at the refresher workshop, in an attempt to address everyone’s concerns and propose changes;
  4. Act as role models and leaders in raising awareness, disseminating information, creating positive attitude changes, and improving prevention skills both at CARE Country Offices and in their own communities. 
  1. Establish and maintain good productive relations with the Ministry of Labor, CARE’s Legal Counsel and retainer doctors
  1. Represent CARE as required by the Country Director at meetings with Services Trade Group Agreement Council, MOL, INGO Admin/HR Group, and other organizations;
  2. Liaise between CARE and its legal counsel as required;
  3. Liaise between CARE and its retainer doctors and pharmacies.
  1. Undertake other responsibilities as required by the Country Director 
  1. Accept any assignment that is in keeping with the type of responsibilities as referenced above.


  • Graduate degree in Personnel Management & HR Development or other similar discipline Certificate Minimum 3 years experience with reputed organization
  • Diploma in Personnel Management with 5-8 years experience in managerial position related to human resource management with reputed organization 


  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English.
  • Experience in human resources planning, recruitment, grievance handling staff welfare, disciplinary issues, etc.
  • Proficiency in use of computer
  • Good knowledge of labour law
  • Good understanding of job analysis & performance management system
  • Excellent negotiation skills
  • Good leadership and team management skill
  • Ability to develop and interpret policy issues and should be able to recommend necessary changes
  • Ability to deal with critical issues


The position will be based in Freetown with 35% travel to other project communities. The nature of an NGO post dictates irregular working hours including after hours, weekends and holidays.

Applications with most recent curriculum vitae and names and addresses of two referees should reach the following people not later than 4:30 p.m. on Friday 24th April 2015 

  • The Head of Administration, CARE Office, 13 Bath Street, Brookfields, Freetown,
  • The Administrative Officer, CARE Office, , Magburaka Highway, Makeni
  • The Sub-Office Manager, CARE Office, Government Hospital Compound Kabala
  • NGO Desk Officer, Ministry of Labour, New England and any other Labour office nationwide
  • Or send by email to: Susan.Caulker@co.care.org

Please include contact telephone number(s). 

CARE International in Sierra Leone provides equal employment opportunities and does not discriminate in employment regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, tribe, gender or age.  Sierra Leone nationals are targeted to fill this post. 




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